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Toyota Genuine Motor Oil

Specially formulated and engineered for your vehicle, Toyota Genuine Motor Oil helps to protect your engine from energy loss, heat and wearing between contact surfaces that are caused by friction and high temperatures within your engine.

Toyota Genuine Oil Filters

As engine oil circulates through your engine, the Toyota Genuine oil filter helps remove harmful particles which can damage the engine and helps to protect your engine and help to prolong its life.

Timing Belts

Drive the camshafts, which control the opening and closing of the engine's intake and exhaust valves. Precise valve operation is critical to efficient engine operation. Over time, they stretch, crack, become brittle and will eventually break. Breakage will stop your engine dead and could cause major internal damage. Follow your recommended maintenance schedule to care for your timing belt.

Toyota Injector Cleaner

Removes deposits that can build up inside your engine and helps to improve rough idling, hesitation, and driveability.

Oil & Filters

You can trust Toyota Motor Oils and Filters to help protect your engine and keep it running at its best.


Toyota brake parts ensure the quality and effectiveness of your braking system.

Toyota Engine Flush

Helps eliminate oil sludge, carbon deposits and varnishes. Protects the engine's components and helps improve the lubrication system. Helps restore engine compression

Wiper Blades

Beam blades are manufactured with premium rubber and coated with Teflon on the wiper surface. True all weather blades designed with improved wiping capability.

Replacement Parts Warranty

If your Replacement Parts are purchased from & installed at our dealership, your Replacement Parts warranty covers the PARTS & LABOUR. (terms & conditions apply).


Maintenance Schedule

Keep up with the manufacturers maintenance schedule , to keep your vehicle running smoothly for years to come. Expert Service Advisors customize each visit according to your vehicle’s milage and as per the Toyota maintenance schedule including 


Toyota Detailing

Protect your vehicle from the elements like sun, salt, water and sand using specially formulated chemicals for your Toyota.

Regular service keeps your vehicle running like new. But to keep it in even better condition, and safeguard its value, give your Toyota the extra care it deserves.

Our detailing specialists “3M” offer – Premier Exterior Care, Premium Interior Enrichment, Underbody Coating – each designed to help to protect your investment.


Collision Repair

 In the unfortunate case of an accident with your Toyota, you should insist that your vehicle is taken to our Bodyshop, where we use all Toyota genuine parts to provide optimum fit, function, performance, safety, and Structural Integrity.

Your Toyota is restored to its original factory specifications of safety, durability, and performance.

Windshield Glass Replacement

When your Toyota Windshield needs replacement, visit our Bodyshop. Toyota Genuine Windshields play an important role in the safety of your vehicle by providing structural rigidity and clarity. In addition, they can play a critical role in noise dampening, UV protection, and general occupant comfort and safety.

What to do if Your Vehicle can't be Driven

A police report will assist in filing an accident claim with your insurance company

Call 18001025001 for Toyota Roadside assistance which has got All India Coverage, Onsite support, Round the clock availability, Towing to nearest dealership

When you speak to your insurer, know that you have the right to decide where your vehicle will be repaired.


Toyota Roadside Assistance

Silent Features
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Your Car at our care 365 days. Save up to 20% on Overall Maintenance

TOYOTA Protect

Motor Vehicle Insurance is mandatory in India and all the more important considering the high number of motor vehicle accidents that take place in India. We are the Pro Service Partner for TTIBI ( Toyota Tsusho Insurance Broker India) and will offer your Toyota renewals.

Basic Cover (OD + TP)
  • All Consumables Covered
  • RAT/Rodent damages covered
  • No IDV negotiations
  • No salvage deductions
  • No Spot survey required
  • No FIR (except TP liability, Theft & Malicious damage)
  • No limit to claims
  • Cashless facilities at all Toyota dealerships and Pro Service Partner Service Centres
Essential Cover (OD + TP)
  • Basic Cover (OD+TP)

  • Consumables Cover(+)

Advance Cover (OD + TP)
  • Basic Cover (OD+TP)

  • Consumables Cover

  • Nil Depreciation (+)

Premier Cover (OD + TP)
  • Basic Cover (OD+TP)

  • Consumables Cover

  • Nil Depreciation

  • Engine Protection(+)

  • Key Protection(+)

  • Tyre & Alloy Cover(+)

  • RTI Cover(+)

Luxury Cover (OD + TP)
  • Basic Cover (OD+TP)

  • Consumables Cover

  • Nil Depreciation

  • Engine Protection

  • Key Protection

  • Tyre & Alloy Cover

  • RTI Cover

  • Inconvenience Cover(+)

  • Personal Belongings Cover(+)


Pick N Drop

We offer Pickup and Drop facility for your Toyota at free of cost within 15 km radius


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